• A BRIGHT NEW CENTURY! ~ The iconic landmark of Josephine County "The Grave Creek Covered Bridge will be retrofitted with ambient, wash lighting to commemorate its 100 year anniversary.  This project is fully funded through a grant award from the Four Way Community Foundation, Josephine County Public Works, and Friends of Country Living. A celebration in conjunction with our Veterans Day on the Bridge event will happen on November 7, 2020 beginning @ 3:00 pm.  Lighting debut at dusk!!  
  • NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, USA  FCL is working with Josephine County Code Enforcement and the Sheriff's Department to keep our community safe!
  • FIREWISE   We have started the assessment period of becoming a nationally recognized Firewise Community. Please email us if you would like to have your property assessed for fire concerns. Many benefits come along with your participation in this program.
  • CITIZEN LITTER PATROL FCL is currently cleaning up over 7 miles of roadway.  Drop us an email or give us a call if you can help. Let's make the valley shine!!
  • CITIZEN GRAFFITI PATROL FCL Volunteers routinely surveille and take action ASAP!
  • SOS!  On going fundraising campaign to protect and restore Grave Creek, a Class 1, Essential Salmonid Habitat spawning stream that runs through the heart of the Valley.   Over-appropriated, threatened by commercial mining and illegal depletion...it's time to bring this beautiful creek back to life!  Save Our Stream!